Dune Jumping

madewell beach casual

Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end to summer, has come and gone. Of course I had to be a moron and spend Sunday morning on the beach sans sunscreen and I got a touch burned. This of course comes after teasing my super pale Hubs about how much sunscreen he has to wear and how I don’t suffer from these pale-people problems. {the irony!}

We cut our weekend to the Cape short because a certain someone was worried about driving home in Hermine. We ended up leaving the Cape Sunday afternoon, flew home because no one was on the highway, and spent yesterday puttering around and not being pelted on by rain. Despite missing a few hours on the beach Sunday afternoon, it was nice not having to deal with LDW traffic on 95.

How was your LDW weekend?

step squatting preparing-to-leap dune-jumping casual beach casual beach style in madewell spinning on the beach salty hair don't care beachy hair don't care twirling spinning beachy twirls casual beach style Le Count beach Cape Cod beachy casual beach twirls beach spins

Post-Summer Getaways: France, Spain + Portugal

As the summer winds to a close, one way to beat the fall blues is by jetting off for a short break.


The Long and the Short of it

Do you ever mull over an outfit and then finally pull the trigger because it went on sale and then regret it? Yup that’s right about where I am with this dress right now.


Shady Lady

After my other midi dress fiasco I really felt like I had to show you guys that I could sport a midi and not be all boob {!!!} I’ll be sharing more of those outfit pics that really demonstrate the all-boob-from-the-waist-up next week once the Loft site is back up and running.


Feeling Patriotic

Who else spent the weekend watching the Olympics? I’ll admit to bowing out of the opening ceremonies, but tearing up during videos of the refugee team and we watched a bit of the mens and women’s swimming on Saturday along with a bit of the women’s gymnastics last week.


Weekend Whimsy Vol. 104

A real quick post sine we’re up at the Cape for a long weekend this weekend.