Weekend Whimsy Vol. 104


A real quick post sine we’re up at the Cape for a long weekend this weekend. We drove up last night after the Hubs got off of work. We’re in for a super relaxed weekend which is the cherry on top of my week off of work. I spent most of the week getting my 401ks in order, really relaxing and getting my work closet in order since my new job is a little more dressy than TT was.

pit // God would the heat just break already?! I’m so over the heat dome and am just grateful I didn’t have to commute into the city during these high temps.

peak // Taking the week to myself felt amazing! I got to read, binge watch PLL, got a two hour massage and a sassy new hair cut. What do you think of it?

fashion files

I’m obsessed with this denim jacket, despite me already having one. Do I need another?

Kind of can’t stop thinking about these denim skirts. Especially this one.

One of my favorite brands just did a complete showroom makeover! It’s SO absolutely gorgeous and if you’re in NYC you should definitely stop by and check out the ombre wallpaper in their dressing rooms.

I can’t rock the off-the-shoulder look, but I also can’t stop admiring it on others.

Loving this casual shirt dress with a structured vest look. If my office is trendy chic, this outfit will definitely be making an appearance.

This company has capsule wardrobe for traveling down to a science!

links i fancy

Have you ever thought of using Tatcha products? Here are three must-tries from their lines. The oil cleanser is on my list!

When was the last time you sat in a bean bag? They’re definitely more stylish and would be great in a finished basement or rec room.

For my pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant, your skincare survival guide when you’re pregnant.

Do you like face wipes but cringe when you think about the impact on the environment? Have no fear, there are some eco-friendly ones out there.

The before and after to this hallway is amazing. I definitely need to incorporate some of this since our upstairs hall is so dark.

past panache

My thoughts on disconnecting and taking some time.

When you know it’s time to move on.


The Importance of Disconnecting

I’m taking this week between jobs to really disconnect, clear out my head and take some quality “me” time.


Weekend Whimsy Vol. 104

Ok so something crazy happened on Instagram yesterday.


What I’ve Read Lately

Dragonfly in Amber // I’m obsessed with this series.


Moving On

As I mentioned last week, I had been considering where I wanted to move on to for a little while.


Weekend Whimsy Vol. 103

I’m kind of light on the links this week because frankly, it’s been a little crazy.