{Shopaholic: Products}

The right thing to do is to switch up your beauty regimen with the changing seasons.  Despite the fact that it’s quite chilly in NYC even though it’s almost May, I’ve taken this to heart and have recently gone on quite the product shopping spree, from hair care, to facials, to all over body items, I’m addicted to products and am always up for the latest thing.  That and the fact that I’m trying to get my skin into bridal shape, not only the skin on my face!  If you’re as into products as I am, I would highly recommend Natura Bisse’s line and my fab new find, Hourglass primer and mascara.  This is the FIRST mascara I’ve ever had, in my entire life, that hasn’t smudged during the day.  I can even wear it for an intense, sweat amped workout, and it doesn’t budge.  Miraculous I tell you!

Clockwise from top left: