Real Estate Hell

I hardly think that blogging is an outlet for frustration, but I do want to share how difficult our real estate experience has been thus far.

April – we list our apartment and receive a low ball offer we don’t even consider
May – we receive 2 offers which we negotiate; 1 who once we agreed on a price bought another unit in our building and 1 who we negotiated and accepted an offer
June – accepted offer drags his feet with the attorney and then backs out; we get another offer 3 days later and accept… get contracts written up and she signs, then I’m scheduled to go sign, and she backs out AFTER she signed and sent the contract and deposit to our attorney.

On the buying side it has been easier in the sense we haven’t put a lot of offers out, just fallen in love with houses we weren’t ready to move on yet, until Sunday.  We put in an offer with two others, despite not having a contract on our apartment yet, went into a bidding war on Monday, and found out we lost this morning.

When we do get a home?  I love this room:

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