Add Sparkle and Repeat

Cape Cod casual

MES and I spent the earlier part of this week on the Cape with my in-laws.  It’s the first time I’d been there since they made their beach house their full time home earlier this summer and it felt good to just be on the Cape again, even if I was working from home and sick.

fancy LOFT sweatshirt

LOFT sweatshirt, LOFT boyfriend jeans and Tieks
Top: LOFT // Denim: LOFT // Shoes: Tieks

You’ve been seeing a lot of this sweatshirt lately.  I swear I own other clothes.  In my defense, the temperature drop and the walk we took along the water really demanded that I bundle up but this was the only bundling item that I packed.  Sometimes I just pack too lightly!

fancy LOFT sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans sparkle in the woods

It was a gorgeous day out, albeit a little chilly, so the four of us went for a walk along a path near the water in Eastham.  The scenery was gorgeous and the famous Cape Cod light was in full force after an unexpected rain shower and a little rainbow action.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, nor can you see the 2nd rainbow that was right above it, both seen end to end in such vibrant colors it was amazing.

gallivanting in the woods dangerous trails

I could really get used to taking non-city pictures.  No photo bombing problems here!


  • I love that sweatshirt! I may have to DIY one.

  • Sparkles alwayssss work on repeats. I wear my favorite pieces over and over:) And I just got my first pair of Tieks this week and I must say, I am now a complete convert!

    • OMG aren’t they amazing? Which color did you buy?

      • I got navy because I needed a pair of navy flats but the Rose Garden flats are what I want soooo bad. And the slate grey croc I also really like.

        • lol so basically you want endless amounts :) I have a 50% off coupon that I’ve been hoarding. I think the metallics are where my heart is

          • I actually really wanted the metallic pewter but I had a $100 gift certificate and didn’t want to pay too much more. How’d you get 50% off??? I need like 3 of those!

          • I asked about a blogger collaboration.

          • smart. I’d need more like 75% off though:)

  • Yaudy