{Friday Five} Living Room Pieces

FridayFive - Living Room

1 Ghost Chair // 2 Starburst Mirror // 3 Recycled sail throw pillow // 4 Jonathan Adler curtains // 5 Jonathan Adler Crescent Heights Chair

Now that we own a home, I’m focusing my shopping addiction on pieces for all of the space we now have. Keep in mind that MES and I lived in a 300 sq foot studio when we were in the city and now our house is 2,200 sq feet, not including our finished basement. So we have a LOT of space to fill.

I’m really trying to have a theme/style to each room. The whole house doesn’t have to be the same, which is good because our kitchen is ALL wood; even the stainless appliances have wood paneled doors! For the living room, we’re going neutral grey on the walls with darker grey couch and chairs. I want to have a blue accent wall though and punch it up with some white and pink. We’ll see how it all comes together, but I’m loving the idea of these recycled sail throw pillows and I love the greek key pattern here. So… surprise surprise I’m going for a preppy nautical theme in the living room. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Congrats on homeownership, Rebecca! It seems to suit you well. Looking forward to seeing how you style each of your rooms!

    Hope your weekend has been a great one.

    x Hallie
    corals + cognacs

  • I love the nautical idea! I’m a total furniture junkie. I love buying and and refinishing it…But I don’t have 2,200 sq feet! Prob bout half though. The white/pink/navy/gray sounds very fresh to me.

    • It’s amazing how often we changed our mind about our living room color palette. Now we’re onto grey, yellow, vibrant blue and tiffany blue. :)

  • Looks like you’re off to a great start! I’m sooo jealous that you have all that space to fill! That’s like my dream come true, haha :)

    • I really need to have you come to NJ and decorate. I have such a hard time making a cohesive look. I just buy things I like even though they don’t go together and it ends up looking hodge podge.

      • Well everything you picked looks good so far! I bet it will look awesome…my apartment is kind of a hodge podge but I’m a fan of that mixed look, so I think it will be great!