Dresser Hack

before and after DIY dresser

Matt’s had this dresser since he was a little kid in Buffalo.  It was sold to his family along with the house when they moved there and it’s travelled with him from apartment to apartment and finally to our new home.  The nice thing about it is it’s bones and lines, but other than that, it’s pretty darn plain.  Matt saw a dresser on Gilt a few weeks ago that was white with ombre orange drawers that really caught his eye.  Since our Jonathan Adler desk in our master is orange, we thought it’d go pretty well with our color scheme and be a fun little DIY for us.

1 // take a medium grain sandpaper and rough out all the splinters and weird spots on the piece.  Make sure  to rub it all over so that any varnish or finish still on the piece is removed

2 // take a fine grain sandpaper and make the surface silky smoothe

// wipe the surface down to get all the dust particles from sanding off

4 // paint; we picked one sheet of paint colors from a family we liked and bought them all in tester sizes and then bought one more darker since we needed five.

5 // repeat coats as necessary; we did three since the dresser was such a dark wood and we skipped priming

6 // adorn with cute knobs that suit the look you’re going for.  We picked these and love how the white pops against the orange and makes the dresser even more special


After we finished the first one, I casually said to Matt that I wished that he had a second one so we could have a pair for the master instead of hodge podge furniture.  Of course that lit a light bulb under him and he remembered that Christina also had one, but that since his parents moved last summer, he wasn’t sure what had happened to it since he told his parents he didn’t want it (!!!) Note to men – always ask your wife before turning away furniture or anything important.

After following the thread all the way through, he went back to their old house to see if it was still there and it WAS!!!  So we got it and hacked it and now we have a pair.  Really excited about that and they turned out great.



Similar dresser here that you could easily hack the same way.

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