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FridayFive - Home Office
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Our house is very slowly turning into a home and I’m so excited to have a home office.  It was never something on my must-have list, but since I work from home two days a week now it’s nice to not since in bed or on the couch to get some actual work done.

Matt had an Expedit (RIP) in his old apartment and when I saw how Jackie styled hers, I knew I wanted one for our home,wherever it might land.  We opted for a two instead of a four and we’re laying it long-ways on the floor so it’s more of a counter than a room divider.  It’ll serve as a great place to put our printer on top of and other miscellaneous officey stuff.  I was drawn to the red because I have this gorgeous red lamp from Crate and Barrel that I want to use in there and think that pops of red will be really fun in this smaller room.

We also reissued this table as a desk.  After I saw this setup I thought it would be fun to have a beautiful table instead of the traditional desk.  Also I loved the inspiration print and that had to come home with me as well.

If you have a home office, what are your key pieces?

  • natashaufl

    Lovin’ #3! Visiting from Favorite Fashion Friday!

    xo, tasha
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  • ellen ross

    OMG i love that chair. my key pieces would be a stylish inbox, some pretty accessories like a stapler and tape dispenser, and a comfy chair! :o)
    Following you from the link up!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    • I LOVE a good inbox and I’ve been on the hunt for the gold acrylic stapler that I see all over the place.