{Natty Noshers} Girl and the Goat Chicago

Girl and the Goat - Goat Blue!

Last time I was in Chicago I had the pleasure of going to Girl and the Goat.  If you want to go here, make a reservation and make it early.  Basically as soon as you know you’ll be in Chicago.  OR you can risk it, like we did, just go in and wait.  Not the best idea.

We got there around 6, so pretty early for a normal dinner, and were told 1.5 hr wait.  They don’t take a number down and you can’t call to put your name on the list either.  So we left to go to a bar down the road and they said to just call and check in.  45 minutes later we called and they said another 45 minutes.  So we went back around 7:15 and the hostess tells us they called us a few times but we weren’t there, but that she’d see what she could do.  30 minutes later we got sat down.  I feel like I can judge about how bad this was since I’ve hostessed before and I know you know table availability, but whatevs.  The food made up for it.

Above was the Goat Bleu.  They recommend ordering a bread as one doesn’t come with the meal.  This was delicious.  The fig butter…. uh YUM!!!  And there were onions baked into the bread which was so delicious.  The waitress convinced me to order the sauteed string beans, but the sauce just was too salty for me.  We did order the Squash Wontons which were covered with mushrooms.  The squash was very subtle and the mushrooms really brought out the seasonal flavor.

Girl and the Goat - Sauteed String Beans Girl and the Goat - Squash Wontons

We had to throw in a little seafood to make our waitress happy that we were having a well rounded meal.  They really help you pick items that are going to complement each other.  So we had the Diver Scallops.  They weren’t bad, but they weren’t blow your mind either.  Having them with heirloom tomatoes and pomegranate seeds was different and definitely added something special, but as one of six items, this didn’t rank number one.

Girl and the Goat - Diver Scallops

Now we got a little adventurous.  Some of the seasonal items on our menu that night were made from goat meat.  I’ve never had goat meat.  Have you?  I really wanted to try it and I’m so glad I did because the Confit Goat Belly was scrumptious.  If you like pork belly, you’ll like this.  It’s a little less fatty, you’d never know it was belly.  It comes layered under a variety of radishes, which I could’ve passed on.  Lastly, we had Pig Face.  I know.  What a name!!  Basically it’s little sliced up cheeck and jowel and has a fried egg on top with some crunchies thrown in.  You’re supposed to crack the yolk and mush everything together.  I use the word mush because that’s literally what I did with a fork and knife and made the pieces of pork really tiny.  This was by far my favorite thing that evening.

Girl and the Goat - Confit Goat Belly Girl and the Goat - Pig Face

  • Kacie’s Kloset

    Wow! Sounds like a great place to eat! If I ever go to Chicago, I’ll have eat at this place. I wish I could plan a trip soon :)