{Menswear Monday} Going Green

michael bastian green utility corduroy shorts and western shirt

As you may know, I’m a big fan of corduroy shorts, and I’ve been loving this pair of green cut offs that I got last year from Michael Bastian. I guess they’re referred to as “utility” shorts, as they’re related to cargo shorts, but not in the oversized 1990s frat boy type way. In fact, the presence of bold pockets is pretty much where the similarities end.

michael bastian green corduroy short detail

This pair isn’t cut aggressively slim, but isn’t baggy, either, and it hits a few inches above the knee. And the details are great, with the snap buttons and beefy belt loops. My favorite thing about these shorts, however, is the color. It’s kind of a minty green, and I don’t have anything else in my wardrobe quite like it. Yet, they’re very easy to wear and pair well with blues, grays, lavenders, etc. Utilitarian indeed!

uniqlo michael bastian shorts and polo

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