{Menswear Monday} Gotta’ Have the Monk

brooks brothers monk strap shoe

Like a lot of old school styles, monk strap shoes are having a bit of a moment right now. About a year ago, after a very long search, I found what I thought was the perfect pair at Brooks Brothers, made for them by the British cobbler Peal & Co. So why did I pick these over so many other variations? I knew I wanted double monks, with two buckles rather than one, so that narrowed the field a bit. The next thing was the color. I was looking for a pair in chocolate brown, as I already had lace ups in black and a lighter, caramel brown. I also liked how simple this pair is. The straps give these shoes enough swagger, so a cap toe is all the extra embellishment I needed. And of course, they fit great and are very well made.

peal and company monk strap shoe

Monk straps are one of the more formal shoes guys can wear, so I generally wear them with suits or something similarly dressed up. However, I don’t mind taking the formal edge off with a pair of purple polka-dot socks. Also, I’ll occasionally ditch the socks in the summer and pair the shoes with some plaid pants hemmed short.

brooks brothers peal double monk strap shoe

Monk straps are a great way to add a bit of variety to your shoe closet. If I was only going to have one pair of dress shoes, it would definitely be lace ups, which are more versatile, but having a pair of monks is a great way to mix things up and add a little extra pop to your look.

brooks brothers monk strap

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