{Menswear Monday} Spectacles

tom ford glasses

You’ve probably noticed that in virtually ever picture I’m wearing either glasses or sunglasses, and that’s mainly because I can’t see without them and I’m not very good with contacts. But they’ve also become something of a signature look for me. Eyewear is an easy thing to make your own since it can be worn with pretty much anything anytime and, if you want, it can really define your look…think Yves Saint Laurent with his chunky black frames.

tom ford sunglasses


Glasses are quite personal and no doubt certain frames look great on some people and ridiculous on others. After lots of searching, trying on, and debating, I’ve settled in with Tom Ford for both my eyeglasses and sunglasses. Although the two shapes are much different, both pairs are the same shade of tortoise shell (Light Havana, as it’s called by Mr. Ford). This color seems to work pretty well with my pale complexion, as I’ve found that black and other dark colors are too severe on my face. Also, plastic frames tend to be a bit bolder than their wireframe counterparts to begin with. So, my farsighted friends, there is no need to be jealous of your 20/20 counterparts…just go out and find a pair of glasses that make your vision impairment a style solution!

  • I am SO JEALOUS that you’re so comfortable in glasses. I’m blind (-6.5 prescription in contacts), but just don’t see as well in glasses. I really, really want to love them–and have tried so many times to get used to them, but I just can’t! Of course, my husband has 20/20 vision, making things even worse, haha. I LOVE your glasses, and would totally go with tortoise frames as well. :) Such a great post! xx

    P.S. — Tell your wife I miss her!