{Gift Guides} The Jet Setter

We all know we.  We all love one.  The Jet Setter…. and with all of those miles and all of those rewards points, what does she really need?  Well here you go!


from top left Rahua Jet Setter Kit // Tata Harper’s Daily Essentials Kit // Cuyana Alpaca Cape // One Love Organics Travel Kit // Beautified Natural Nomad Beauty Pouch // The O.M.G. // Bedtime Bliss® Eye Mask

These are some of my personal faves for long flights, overnight flights, constant flights… you name it!  There were times I was traveling from a beach vacation to a redeye to London and these are some of the things that kept me organized and sane.

I don’t care if I’m the crazy person sitting next to you using face wipes and moisturizer and then snuggling down with earplugs and a face mask.  You can bet your ass I’ll be blowing by the bag carousel on the other end looking relatively refreshed.