{Natty Noshers} Bacon Wrapped Dates


Wondering what to bring to your Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving that’ll impress all of the guests and leave them thinking you’re a whiz in the kitchen?  Well check out all of my Natty Noshers recipes and keep tuning back in as there will be a few more posted before the biggest food holiday of the year.

A couple of weekend’s ago we celebrated Kristina’s bday at her apartment and I offered to bring an app, one of my personal faves and one I knew KB liked as well.  These are a take on the dates found at Boqueria that I fell in love with years ago and have been recreating ever since.

What you need:
– pitted dates {estimate 3-4 per person depending on how much other food there will be}
– you’ll need 1 slice of bacon per 4 dates
– crumbled gorgonzola {One 1/2 cup container will be enough for 80 dates}
– large baking sheet
– toothpicks {1 per date}
– paring knife or other small knife

Getting Started:
– lay out the dates on the tray which will make it easy for you to pick them up and know how many fit
– slice a date {you can slice the whole way down} and stuff it with cheese.  Don’t overstuff or they won’t stay closed
– wrap the date back around the cheese and put it back on the tray
– stuff all of the dates
– slice the bacon into quarter slices
– take one slice and wrap around the date and secure with a toothpick
– wrap all of the dates

Cooking Time:
– set the oven to broil
– move the rack to the 2nd to highest shelf height
– cook for 5-8 minutes; keep an eye on the bacon and make sure it doesn’t burn
– you’re only cooking long enough to cook the bacon

Total Time: 1.5 hrs for 80 dates {the stuffing and wrapping are time consuming}

Voila!  You’re done and you have a tasty treat that will amaze your friends and family