{Natty Noshers} Phyllo Cups with Dates, Onion, Bacon & Gorgonzola


If Monday’s Natty Noshers recipe was a little too time consuming for you, I’m back with the same amazing ingredients with a much quicker timeframe.  You’ll look like a pro whenever you bring these amazing little cups.

What you need:
– pitted dates {estimate 3-4 per person depending on how much other food there will be}
– you’ll need 1 slice of bacon per 4 dates
– large onion
– crumbled gorgonzola {One 1/2 cup container will be enough for 80 dates}
– large baking sheet
– phyllo cups {find them in the refrigerated section of your market}
– chef knife

Cooking Time:
– slice up the bacon in small pieces and cook thoroughly and put aside; save the grease to cool the onions
– dice up the onion and put it in a pan with the bacon grease on low.  Stir periodically so they don’t burn, but let cook for a while so they really sweeten and put aside
– dice up the dates and put aside
– lay out the phyllo cups on the baking sheet
– sprinkle in the dates, some bacon, some onion and top with Gorgonzola
– since everything is cooked, warm up in the oven at 350° for 5-8 minutes.  Everything is already cooked so you’re just warming up

Total Time: 30-45 minutes for 45 phyllo cups

Voila!  You have the flavor of the bacon wrapped dates in less than half the time.