My Go-To Travel Outfit

Do you think I own enough black clothing?

Panache travel outfit

As discussed in this post, I find it simpler to pack a carry-on suitcase {check the airlines because international rules are smaller than domestic} when you stick to one color palette for the trip.

black goyard tote

More often than not, I like to keep what I’m wearing on the plane to something chic and comfortable. Who knows who you’re going to run into in the airport or on the plane?

Vince sweater

I always try and wear my boots on the plane and I pack my Tieks into my Lo & Sons OMG bag. On the way home from Hong Kong I actually brought my Goyard tote as my 2nd carry on because our suitcases were laden down with heavy souvenirs.  {whoops!}

all black travel outfit

I’ve learned to wear my chunkier items, like this sweater, on the plane while trying to keep it cozy and comfortable. So for this particularly long flight, I wore my pixie pants, a super soft Vince sweater and I also carried my leather jacket {not pictured}. Tying it all together was my go-to statement long necklace from Bauble Bar.

bauble bar pearl necklace

Light layers are essential for the plane. You should know that by now! I even brought an extra pair of socks {I call them my walking plane socks} so that I could be shoeless the whole flight and not get skeeved out.


all black style

Also, I really wanted to wear my new boots home so….

Isabel Marant booties



  • cj

    I love your goyard! Is that the PM or GM. And can I ask why you chose the size you did. I am thinking of purchasing one myself but can’t decide between the black with black handle or black with brown. And on the size. You look great by the way!

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  • You look beautiful! You also looked amazing in that little black number I saw you in the other day. Blog that immediately, Girl! :) xoxo!

    • lol I read this and had to really think back to what I wore on Tuesday! I’ll definitely feature that dress sometime.

  • You do black so well though! :) You look amazing.