My Favorite Instagrammers


A few weeks ago I stumbled upon The Well and was really excited by the helpful blogger content that they have. I missed January’s blogger linkup about an invaluable purchase made in the past year {ahem my bean boots} and was keenly keeping an eye out for the February topic which happens to be to answer who Your Three Favorite Instagrammers and Why.

Instagram is hands down my favorite social media platform. I gain all sorts of inspiration; fashion, motivational quotes, home decorating, travel, food… you name it and there’s someone in my feed who’s inspiring me about something! It was really hard for me to narrow it down to just three, and 100% full disclosure, they’re all companies I’ve worked with for my day job or actually the company I work for. However, even if I hadn’t worked for/with them, they’d still be my top ranking accounts that I’d recommend.

LEVO  This is a little self serving as I work for Levo and actually just celebrated my one year anniversary. Even still, it is seriously one of my favorite accounts for inspirational quotes and professional fashion. The beautiful aesthetic and motivating feel really pick me up in the mornings.


HOMEPOLISH  If you want to be inspired by gorgeous home decor, this is it. Homepolish reimagines and redecorates your spaces. I’m seriously inspired to copy each one and try it out in my home. The guest room with the gold polka dots? I am so doing this once Matt repaints the walls.


FATHOM  The Instagram account for the reinvented travel website. Travel the world with tips from locals and truly experience the culture from the inside. Before we went to Hong Kong, and even though I’d been before, I read the Hong Kong guide to get the inside scoop on what to check out and what places to avoid. I love being able to tour the world through their feed.


So there you have it. My three favorites. I’d love to hear what yours are so leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out.


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