Weekend Whimsy Vol. 44


Yesterday I spent a good amount of time sifting through all of the items in one of my closets. I have three… plus a dresser and an armoire. I’ve been feeling both uninspired by my closet and frustrated and decided to take a page out of this book and get rid of everything that doesn’t give me joy. There’s a whole lot of stuff that apparently doesn’t give me joy anymore. Which means a whole lot is going to be donated or on sale, just haven’t figured out if it’s a site sale, Instagram, eBay or a combination of all of the above. If you have any thoughts, let me know, if not, have a great weekend!

Having a serious AVOCADO TOAST addiction right now

If you haven’t figured out HOW TO WEAR ANKLE BOOTIES yet, you should!

STARTING A STARTUP, the things you need to know


MONETIZING MONOGRAMS and psyched I was mentioned

Obsessing over this AMAZING COLLABORATION #bowsonmytoes

What FRIENDS would be like in 2015

Helena’s NEUTRAL LOOK is gorgeous

Love this BLACK AND WHITE outfit from Krystal

Have you seen Kelly’s YEAR IN A VIDEO