{Friday Five} Into the Nude

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This week’s #FridayFive is focused on nude shoes. I’m all about leg lengthening, perhaps because my inseam is 28″ and really I could get away with the 26″ AYR jeans, but let’s focus on the positive shall we?

While I can’t really get longer legs, I can do everything to make it appear that they have length and one of the best ways is with nude heels.  Some will say that a nude flat works too, but honestly I just don’t see it. Also, it has to be the right nude for your skin tone so summer nudes and winter nudes are probably different for most unless you’re one of those annoying people who has tan skin 365 days a year or you’re faking it {no judgement}.

After reading Bradley’s ode to these they’ve gotten bumped up a little higher on my list.  In invest? Yes! A classic? Probably. Have I ever spent that much on shoes before? Close…. Remember these?

These question then becomes which will I get the most use out of. These or the rockstuds?

Weigh in please!