Achieving Work Life Balance


I have a few cardinal rules for achieving work life balance. I realize this approach won’t work for everyone, but hopefully it’ll help some of you. Some of these are recent and some of them are a little older and have grown with me as my work situation has changed over the years.

Fortunately I have had the opportunities to work in a variety of different environments, small companies that were strictly 9-5, small companies where it was 9-5 plus work or industry events, big companies that were international and I couldn’t detach myself from my blackberry and back. I’ve had managers who never emailed me and preferred only communicating when we were in the office together and I’ve had managers who rely so heavily on email at all hours of the nights. It’s tough out there and as connected as we are to our devices, it’ll just keep getting tougher.

ONE // Set expectations with your manager on when he or she can expect you to be readily available as well as what to do if it’s outside of those hours and they need to get in touch with you. For me, right now, I don’t check my work email until I step foot into my office in the morning and I’m online until I walk in my front door in the evening.  So that’s roughly 8:45am-7/7:30pm. The team has my cell number and can text me if they need an immediate response or something is going on that needs my attention.

TWO // If you have one device for work and personal use have two separate apps for your personal and work email. This way you can move your work email app off of your home screen when you don’t want to be and you can shut off your notifications on off hours. This is especially helpful if you’re neurotic like me and don’t like the red numbers growing and growing.

THREE // Use your vacation and personal days and get the most out of your vacation. You’ll be no good at work if you burnout so take the time off and recharge. You’ll go back to work better than ever. 

Need some more inspiration for achieving balance? Well I’m teaming up with The B Bar for their monthly linkup and everyone who’s participating is sharing their own take on achieving balance so check them out!

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