{Friday Five} Summer Sandals

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Now that it’s finally starting to feel consistently warm, I am ready to bare my toes and have them feel the warmth of the sun. These summer sandals are absolutely amazing I could seriously live in sandals and when I was still at BNY Mellon I would wear flip flops to work all year round except when there was snow on the ground.

I’m really obsessed with nude footwear and I truly believe it’s because I have such short legs. When you can wear a 26″ inseam, you’re basically walking around on stumps and every little bit helps. So if my sandals can’t be nude, I try to go for a gold or something that matches the golden tones I hope my tan achieves in the summer. Beyond that, wedges are seriously my best friend and are clutch for outdoor weddings so you don’t sink into the grass or sand or whatever.

At one point, I think I owned 8 pairs of flip flops. Overkill might be an understatement, but now I’ve rounded out my summer sandals with espadrilles and wedges and gladiators though I think I own four pairs of Jack Roger Navajo sandals. #sandaladdict