Skin Challenge

Over the weekend I posted about Buzzfeed’s 7-day skin challenge and I decided that I was going to give it a try and start it on Sunday. So yesterday I swapped out all of my towels and my pillow case, starting the week off fresh. You’re supposed to do this once a week so it’s really easy for me to remember to do it on Sundays. You’re also supposed to wash your makeup brushes once a week, but considering how few I actually use {only an eyeliner brush which gets rinsed out daily} I’m ok with doing this a little less frequently.


Finding a sunscreen I actually has been a little harder than just swapping out my towels and pillowcase.  Right now I swap out between a Murad sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer from Bare Minerals. I love the Bare Minerals one, but don’t always want a tinted moisturizer so if any of you have one you love, please let me know.

skin hydration regimen

Not touching my face? Going to be a toughie! I usually sit with my chin propped up on my fist or my palm when I’m contemplating numbers or design on my computer and I rub my cheeks when I get sleepy. Must-distract-myself-somehow! Diet? Well yea, must get back on that bandwagon stat. Upping my water intake because it has dropped very low lately, I barely get in 32oz a day, and need to stop eating so much Pirate Bootie!

I find it interesting that this 7-day challenge doesn’t include anything about other hydration. I recently started using Yes to Carrots night cream and it’s amazing! I’ve been struggling with moisture which you can tell from this nearly empty bottle and slather the Yes To Carrots cream on every night, over my face, behind my ears and down my neck. I’m also looking for a replacement eye cream.  This one is fine, but I feel like I’m starting to battle wrinkles and bags {omg age!} and need recommendations here too.  I started using this to combat the natural rosiness of my cheeks and have definitely noticed a more even skin tone.

skin cleansing regimen

I use this cleanser in the shower which I love and I mix in this exfoliant a few times a week and I make sure to use it on my neck and upper chest, those areas need love too!  I also really loved this really gentle exfoliator. It made my skin super soft and was gentle enough to use every other day. I alternate between Cucumber and Grapefruit wipes to remove my makeup. They’re both wonderful, smell amazing, and leave my skin feeling ready for uber hydration and rest.

What are some of your skin tips?