Finding Your Hidden Talents


This month’s linkup is about hidden talent and I thought I’d focus finding it, or defining it even. To me, a hidden talent is something that you’re naturally good at, but others would be surprised to learn that you have this talent. However, after their initial surprise, it would make perfect sense.

Now that we’ve established what a hidden talent is, here are some of mine and I hope you’ll share some of yours in the comments.

ADAPTABILITY // Whether it’s in business or with a group of friends, I can adjust what role I play based on who I’m with and what is needed. IE with a certain group of friends, I’m just part of the group and not a planner. Another friend of mine always takes the lead on that front and that works fine for me. However, with a completely other group of friends, I’m always the planner with the dates and the locations and they just show up. To apply this to work, sometimes I’m at a place where the organization needs an ideas person, a problem solver, a leader, or some or all of the above. Depending, I’m happy to fill any of those roles for a short or long term period.

SELF AWARENESS // I’m usually pretty aware of my strengths and areas that need a little work. My written communication skills are something that I’ve spent a lot of time and thought and I’m much better in person at networking and connecting.

WIDE SKILL SET // Over the years I’ve picked up some skills that a lot of marketers don’t necessarily have such as HTML, a little front end design work, site testing implementation, and skills with Lightroom and Photoshop, not to mention photography.

Now I encourage you to hop around the below sites who are also participating in this month’s linkup with The Well.