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Over the weekend the Hubs and I went up to Ramapo State Park and did a short hike up to the lake. To put it mildly, I’m not that outdoorsy and voluntarily going hiking isn’t really my thing. A funny story from our earlier dating years is that we went to one of the Hubs’ friends weddings in Vermont and the morning of the wedding the groom had a group go for a hike. I went in flip flops and seersucker shorts….

Fast forward a few years and this past June we were in Colorado for another friends wedding and we went on a hike two days in a row. Grossly underprepared, at least this time I had sneakers though we did rely on friends to outfit us when it started to drizzle. After that trip though, I got home and we started talking about finding local places to go for hikes. I joined a local MeetUp that does hiking in the area, and while we haven’t gone on one yet, we found this one ourselves and decided to venture out last weekend.

While I’m among the masses that love this trend, really it’s how I’ve always dressed when I’m at home lounging around or on the weekends and I’m just glad that it’s now “in style” and not just categorically lazy. 9 times out of 10, if I’m working from home or after a light workout, I’ll be in athleisure for the entire day and that’s a-ok for me.


outdoorsy style lulu cutout crops athleisure grey and black athleisure outfit hiking attire Lulu athleisure style

  • Ha I can’t say I’m outdoorsy either. Did you have fun? Out of curiousity, do you own any bright colored workout gear? ;)

    • lol I do, but I hardly wear any of it. All of my bottoms are black or grey, one pair is reversible to hot pink but I have only worn them with the pink side out once. I have some bright tops that make the rotation sometimes.