Fall Goals


This month’s linkup with The Well is all about fall goals which is very fitting since it started feeling like serious fall this week in NYC, to the point where I’m wearing a sweater with a light coat to work in the mornings!

I’m not one for seasonal goals, but since I started a new job this week, I definitely have some short term professional and personal goals that I’ve put into place to help me readjust to working full time again.

Find a Workout // Unfortunately my new schedule doesn’t allow for me to continue with my 4-7x a week barre workout so I have to find something that fits both my schedule, budget and workout style and have given myself a month to signup for whatever it is.

Budget // This summer I let it get a little out of control without a consistent pay check so now I really have to rein it in, get my finances back under control and reset my budget based on my new regular income. This might take a little longer, so I’m giving myself until the end of the year to reset my plan.

Establish New Work Connections // This is always a must for me at any new company. Finding a few colleagues beyond my immediate team will take some time, but it’s essential for office happiness, at least for me. This is a longer term goal, more like a 6-monther.

Finish our Dining Room // Over the weekend we started to build our dining table out of shiplap we had in our carriage house. I want to have our dining room, including a new light fixture and paint, done by Christmas.

Now it’s time to check out the other bloggers in this month’s linkup and see what their goals are for the fall!