The Two Anti Aging Products You Need

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I will be completely honest and say that my skincare routine is very no-muss, no-fuss and that I have traditionally relied on my good Asian genes for the most part. In addition to just my basic face wash and moisturizer I’ve been trying to consistently add on anti aging products in the form of an eye cream and exfoliator to help battle the fact that I’m solidly in my 30s and anti-aging is something I should have started caring about a few years ago.

Olay regenerist eye cream

However, lately {read almost a year} I’ve been trying to consistently use eye cream to battle the fine little lines that have begun appearing, due to dehydration, and the puffiness I can’t seem to get away from. I’ve tried a lot of different creams/gels that seemed to work against the fine lines, but nothing came close to the de-puffing I’ve seen since starting to use this Olay Regenerist cream two weeks ago. While the light shimmer isn’t my favorite, it’s so faint that it’s basically negligible.

Murad skin smoothing polish

Murad’s skin smoothing polish has made an appearance before in my rotation, almost a year ago to be exact, and while I only used it for a few weeks last winter I definitely loved how beautifully silky it made my skin feel in addition to how well my moisturizer sunk into my skin after using it. I only used it for a few weeks because I had a bad reaction to a different product I had started using simultaneously so dialed back everything to get my skin back under control.

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