What I’ve Read Lately

I have been on a crazy reading kick ever since I got my library card last month and checked out over a dozen books, not inclusive of the 6 I took out electronically. I still have a huge stack to go through and am really looking forward to the extended break my office has to catch up on some actual book reading. Please share any recent reads you’ve thoroughly enjoyed as I’m always looking to add to my list. Up soon are The Good Girl and Disclaimer for my book club.

A Kind Worth Killing // Couldn’t put this book down! I loved that it was narrated by different people and at the beginning wasn’t all told from the present. And as the story progresses, new narrators are introduced so that you get a full understanding of their perspective. It’s truly a page turner and ends with such a kick in the teeth that it’s fantastic.

After You // I love JoJo Moyes. Hands down one of my favorite authors. You must read Me Before You as this is an extension of afterwards and takes place ~18 months after the other book ends. I can’t really talk about the book without spoiling either of them for you, but I will say that you can feel Louisa’s struggles in a very real way and that’s what I love most about Moyes; you don’t just know what the characters are feeling because Moyes says it straight out, you feel it because you experience their ups and downs with them.

Broken Harbor // If you’re into British mysteries or suspense, then definitely pick this up. I started off absolutely loving this book. It starts off immediately with the murder of a family, but then while they’re investigating, all of this other stuff gets brought into the story line which for me was a distraction, like a crazy sister who just annoyed me because the main character and his other sister thought they could take care of her even though she clearly needed professional help. Add on the layer that the mystery seemed to be solved completely haphazardly in one fell swoop, and the protagonist prides himself on “mentorship” but then hangs out his very junior partner to dry. Made me end up really disliking this novel at the end. Plus the vernacular felt very forced with the main guy saying “old son” constantly. 

The Lake House // My mother-in-law turned me onto Kate Morton a few years ago and I haven’t yet been disappointed. I love how the books go back and forth between present day and some point in the past and the two stories evolve simultaneously and beautifully culminating in a well wrapped up and fuzzy story. If you’re looking for lighthearted reads this holiday, definitely pick up something by Kate Morton.

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