Slouchy Weekends

white boyfriend jeans

We spent the weekend getting caught up on some house stuff and for me catching up on sleep and kicking the remnants of my cold out the door. All of the paintings we picked up a few weekends ago are now up and in their respective homes and I can’t wait to show you those soon. The Hubs did a great job hanging these really large form pieces of art since they’re quite big and some of them are quite heavy, not to mention plaster walls aren’t the easiest.

Meanwhile, I’ve been absolutely living in my new sneakers since they arrived a couple of weeks ago. I started entertaining the idea of embracing sneakers right before my birthday and thought I was going in the Converse direction, but when I went in to try them on I fell in love with the copper details of these Adidas. Unfortunately, sold out everywhere in my size, but then I saw that I could customize through Mi Adidas in a similar snakeskin/gold color combo and the Hubs got them for me for Valentine’s Day.

Sizing tip: They run seriously big. When I was in store, the 7 was a little loose and the 6.5 was a little snug. Since I was wearing thick running socks, I decided to go with the 6.5 when I ordered online. Straight out of the box, with thinner socks, they were swimming on me. I put in extra insoles, on top of the ones in the shoes instead of pulling the originals out, and they’re still big. So I need to get some thick socks and they’re awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re looser than tight as it’ll be a great benefit in the heat and during our trip to Scotland when I’m spending tons of time walking around.

LOFT TOP // PAIGE JEANS {technically these are “skinny” but I bought them 4-5 sizes too big so they’re like a slouchy slim boyjean} // CLARE V CLUTCH // ADIDAS SHOES // RAY BAN SUNNIES // IPPOLITA BANGLES // ANTHROPOLOGIE NECKLACE // VINTAGE RING

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