Weekend Whimsy Vol. 93


Hello Friday! And a big welcome to Spring! The countdown until our trip to Scotland has begun. We only have two more months and then we have 9 days of British bliss! And to get me in the mood, I started reading this book and am even thinking of binge watching the show before we head abroad.

PEAKS // We finally got a housekeeper in to clean the house. I am so excited and it’s so clean. LIFE changing and totally worth the expense, I don’t care how extravagant it may seem.

PIT // Monday started out rough. #struggleisreal We were shooting a FB Live segment off site and I showed up and literally had nothing that I needed; no ethernet adapter for my computer, no phone, no wallet, no headphones…. yipes!


Who knew mom jeans could look this good?

This black and white outfit is so good.

I am fully on the harem pant trend and can’t wait to add more colors to my growing collection.

As fully into harem pants as I am, I’m a little less into culottes. Are you petite? How do you feel about culottes?

I’m on a total spring dress kick. So crazy that I placed four separate orders to Gap on Wednesday!

Cropped jeans? How will these play into your Spring dressing?

These espadrilles just scream summer to me and they’re under $90!


Planning for your first work trip? 7 things you can’t live without.

Why you can’t find the one. Would love your thoughts on this if you’re in a relationship already, or even married.

10 basic things you’re messing up on Instagram.

For others who commute, a few quick things to maximize your time.

The cornerstone of your online presence should be your blog.

The Hubs hasn’t been sleeping well lately. I’m going to have him try Grace’s tips for getting a better night’s sleep.

One blogger’s voice on how she feels now is the end of blogging.

If being honest means that you’re crazy, even a little crazy, then bring on the crazy!

The cutest story revealing a pregnancy! I <3 this!

15 free, and gorgeous, stock photos for you to use.

I can definitely see this Ikea piece in our guest room.

A cute and creative way to mark your travels.

What a gorgeous, open and airy space in only 625 sq feet!


Check out my newest flares.

The latest books to cross my nightstand.