What I’ve Read Lately

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Hausfrau // I found Anna to be kind of a whiner. Self-admittedly, she was a very passive person who just went along with what life threw her way; a guy she sort of loved, moving to Switzerland, becoming a mom etc. She wasn’t an active participant in her life and just let others’ choices dictate what went on her life. Though there’s a tragedy that happens towards the end, I had a love/hate relationship with the choppy flow of the book. It’ll go from present day, to a sit down with her therapist, to a flash back, back to present day or even two weeks later. Sometimes it was hard to figure out what was going on when. Also read a review that it was supposed to be like a modern day Anna Karenina which is probably why I was equally fed up with this book.

Edge of Eternity // This book is long! It’s over 1,000 pages and while I do like longer, epic novels, I felt like there were times where the repetitive story line just wasn’t necessary and could have cut back a few hundred pages. This is the third and final in the Century Trilogy and was my least favorite. I really like historical fiction from WWI and WWI eras which was what the first two were about, but if you’re into post-WW2, Cold War, etc, then this would be great for you. You don’t need to have read the first two books as the characters are just off-spring of the main characters from the 2nd book which were off-spring from the first book. And there’s enough repetition of so-and-so, the son of XYZ, so you don’t get lost or confused. Unless you’re really into this era, or deeply interested in historical fiction, this book will drown you in minutiae.

The Good Neighbor // I read this on a whim after my brother bought me a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I could finally take advantage of the lending library. As my February book I decided to borrow The Good Neighbor and it was really good. I read the whole thing in three days! The twists and turns had me feeling slightly paranoid, that’s how good the book was at pulling me in!

The Song of Hartgrove Hall // This book was beautiful. As a former piano player, I loved how Solomons depicted the music so that you could feel the love of song emanating from the pages. I liked the tale of Fox in the present more than Fox and Edie in the past, but that was because I adored how Fox and his grandson formed such a strong bond through music.

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