Chefs Collaborative Summit

Oleana Redfish Kadayif

Right now is the 7th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit which happens to be in NYC this week. Tons of events and field trips, chefs are getting together to talk about sustainability issues and how good food is smart business. I went to A Taste of the Boroughs and to Eat These Fish. A really great event, I was glad for the opportunity to meet some amazing chefs that I had only read about/seen on Tasting Table.

Stoic and Genuine Tempura Skate Smoked Pollock Gramercy Tavern Slow Poached Lingcod Fishing with Dynamite Lefeyre Peche Yellowtail Rock Fish Alden and Harlow Monkfish Terrine and Liver Mousse Gramery Tavern Smoked Pollock Oleana Redfish Kadayif1 Grand Banks Salute of Hake