My Skincare Routine

my skincare regimen

I’ve never been a total makeup junkie. That being said, I go into Sephora bit since it’s right up the street from my office and I love getting my makeup done. I’m probably either the makeup artist’s favorite or least favorite because I’m always like “yea do whatever you want”.

I’ll admit that a bright red lip is hard for me to resist and, despite my love for trying new makeup, more recently I’ve been less inclined to buy everything and anything. I just picked up this new powder and this bronzer and even though I love playing with makeup, I never really got into the hang of putting on a full face in the mornings. I’m really quite minimal on a day to day basis.

I’m very similar on the skincare front. I love trying new things, love the newest product and am always down to give a new mask a try. Facials are totally my jam and loved getting one monthly leading up to my wedding, but that’s definitely not a sustainable spending habit. However, similar to my makeup routine, I’m a bit lazy and keep it pretty low key, but have been trying to take better care of my skin now that I’m firmly in my mid-30s.

Here, a quick glimpse at what my current routine looks like.


In the shower I wash my face with Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser. I’ve tried lots of different cleansers and this is the one that I keep coming back to. It doesn’t foam and it never leaves my skin feeling tight and dry afterwards. It’s scentless and very gentle, zero irritation. I follow up with this toner from Boscia. I used to waffle back and forth on whether I thought toner was necessary, but I recently read that it’s very important to the cleansing process and since it helps lift away any remaining dead skin cells that lurk around post sudsing, I hopped back on the bandwagon. I then use this pore minimizer on my t-zone since my biggest concern is enlarged pores. Then I use this eye gel, the only thing I’ve ever found to reduce my morning puffiness, and moisturize with this combo.

nighttime skincare


Some nights it feels like such a bother to wash my face, but I always love how it feels afterwards so just persevere. I use this cleanser at night and this sponge, the combo which makes my skin feel silky smooth. After I’ve toned,  I follow up with a few drops of this face oil, this eye cream and then apply this gel moisturizer as the finishing touch. If my eyes are particularly dry and tired, I’ll quench them with this.

Three times per week:

Exfoliation is seriously one of my favorite things about skincare because it makes me skin feel so silky smooth afterwards. If you do it too often, your skin can become overly irritated, so if you don’t exfoliate regularly yet, slowly incorporate it into your routine. My current routine is to use this polisher in the shower. The beads are so small, it really feels like my skin is just getting a light polish. Then I use this one in the evenings. It’s applied to a freshly clean face and then you use one pump of gel. It acts as a peel and you can literally feel little beads of skin been exfoliated off. It’s gross and amazing at the same time. I always follow up with the rest of my skincare routine, going a little heavier with the gel moisturizer.

Once per week:

Masks. I find this part a little more tedious than everything else, but love trying out new ones and have found myself really loving these peel off ones lately. I usually put this one on on Sundays after barre and before I get into the shower. The peeling is really fun.

Once per quarter:

I try and get a facial once per season. This isn’t always the case and I haven’t found an esthetician near me that I love yet so if anyone has any recommendations, please pass them my way.

There you have it. My current skincare routine. Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Let me know!