What I’ve Read Lately


Inside the O’Briens // I blitzed through this in three nights, possibly even two. I absolutely loved this. I read it just as we found out a close friend’s parents were both diagnosed with ALS so it was enlightening to read about the inside of a degenerative diagnosis. The only thing that bothered me about this book was that it was only written from two points of view; the father and one of the daughters. Considering that Huntington’s is genetic, and that the author thought to have it be multi-point of view, I would have liked it from all the family members’ point of view or just one.

The Glassblower // As I mentioned, I now have a Kindle Fire and now I can take advantage of the Kindle Lending Library that comes along with Prime {it bugs me that this is only available on Amazon devices}. This was one of the recommended books and since I enjoy historical fiction quite a lot, thought I’d give it a try. It starts off with the father of three girls dying. They’re spanned out in their mid-teens/early 20s and the daughters of a glassblower in rural Germany. Having read a lot of books from this time period, I was surprised by how backwards the rural community was and how timid women were. With their father having passed, they had no idea how to take care of themselves which was frustrating for me. However, once I got through that, I thoroughly enjoyed how each of them found their own paths eventually, despite the rough ups and downs life threw at them. And best? It’s a trilogy so I can’t wait until I can take out another book from the library next month to read the second one.

Outlander // This book spans genres; historical fiction, romance, science fiction… It’s really got me excited for our upcoming trip to Scotland since it’s set in the Highlands, albeit in the 1940s and then in the 1740s. Claire is such a strong character and I love how her and Jamie’s relationship blooms throughout the book. Bonus? It’s multiple books long and it’s also a TV show on Starz that I started to watch.

The Forgotten Room // Checked this out of the library on a whim and thoroughly enjoyed it. It had a very similar feel to Kate Morton’s stories where there are multiple stories in different time periods and all is revealed at the end. I thought that having the three story lines ultimately unbelievable but enjoyed the spans of key decades in the book for an added dimension.