What I’ve Read Lately


Hidden // I didn’t particularly like how this book ended and felt that it was awfully like another book I read, The Secrets We Keep.  I was really disappointed in the character’s themselves, not in the story. Obviously a story about secrets and the hidden truth, I just expect more honesty from people, despite their best intentions.

A Hypnotist’s Love Story // An adorable love story with a few quirky twists. The perfect light read for a long weekend at the beach. A definite pack for MDW.

The Last Anniversary // I loved the eccentricity of the main characters. They were adorable and wacky, just like how I envision my grandmother and her friends.

The Secrets We Keep // Similarly to Hidden, I was just disappointed in Mike and subsequently how his death and affair played out. Everything Elizabeth felt, the betrayal and the inability to do anything about it, really spoke to me. It’s hard to be angry at a dead person.