Styling Culottes for Petites

for petites how to style culottes

Over the weekend I had an amazing opportunity to go with a bunch of other bloggers and StyleWatch to Tanger Deer Park for a day of shopping. Armed with $250, they set us loose to construct outfits of our choosing.

Unlike strategic shopping online or in traditional retail stores, outlet shopping is a bit of a hit or miss. You can’t really go with something specific in mind, but you can go with a short list which will help you narrow down your choices and keep you relatively focused.

I knew I wanted to hit up Neimans, Saks and of course JCrew Factory with a focus on staples, a spring jacket, and a pair of white pants, possibly joggers. The Neimans was amazing! It was the first store that I hit and literally went to the dressing room with no less than a dozen things. I loved that they had stuff straight from Neimans and not just straight to factory. The amount of designer items for ridiculous prices was mind blowing. I got these culottes for only $113!!

The Saks however, was nuts! Things were scattered around, nothing was easy to find. It was literally a dig and pray situation. Nothing was organized by size or designer. I luckily found this amazing top which will be an easy staple to have during the summer and easily layerable for other months. As luck would have it, I found these gorgeous espadrilles for only $19.99!! Score!


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