Tied Up

gap Wrap-tie stripe shirt dress

How was everyone’s weekend? While we didn’t have as much downtime as I had wished, I did get two barre classes a book club meeting and a good start on packing for our upcoming trip. Packing for 10 days is hard! Especially when the weather there is a bit brisker than here.

While this dress is fun with the wrap tie waist, I’m not loving how it fits so may steer clear of this style moving forward. However, let’s take a look at my newest shoe addition. I snapped these up at the Loeffler Randall sample sale last week for $150 and am so glad that I found them. I literally was stalking a woman trying them on and when she decided she didn’t want them I leapt and asked her if I could have them. They’re an 8, a whole size too big, but with the ankle ties and a little insole, I think they’ll actually work out ok. Sacrifices right? Plus I’ve been eyeing this style for months and trying to justify the $300 price tag, so finding them for 50% off really made my day and they’ll be perfect for our trip to the UK.


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