Torridon, Scotland

loch maree

Hands down one of my favorite things about our Scotland trip was that by just merely driving around we saw amazing views and scenery. As we were making our way west from Speyside to Torridon, we drove by Loch Maree. There was a pull off where we could stop and take some pictures so I grabbed a few snaps. How stunning is this? It’s like highway to nowhere landscape right?

As we were planning our road trip, we thought that making our way from Aberlour all the way to Skye was a little aggressive, so we planned a night over in Torridon. Apparently known for the scenery from Inverness to Torridon, the views did not disappoint. Nor did the hotel for that matter! A super cute hotel that also has an Inn with lower rates, it’s like a little castle straight out of a fairytale, that happens to come with excellent cream tea and a pretty extensive selection of scotch and gin.

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