Weekend Whimsy Vol. 101


I am in desperate need of a weekend of zen and am really looking forward to my first facial in a while on Saturday and even possibly a massage on Sunday.

This week is a little heavier on the links I fancy and not so heavy on fashion. I’m trying so hard to curb my spending habit that I’ve resisted reading fashion related content. I hope you don’t mind.

pit //Silly suburban problems really. We decided to turn our sprinkler system on this summer for the first time since we bought our house and it cost a bit more than we were anticipating. And we have to get our car fixed this weekend. Chalk it up to an expensive maintenance month.

peak // Work has restructured some of my time so I get to be more externally focused now which is great and I’m excited to spend more time building strategic partnerships for TT.

fashion files

The cutest {what else} striped dress!

Love how fun this shirt is.

This great rundown with The Real Real.

links i fancy

The absolutely most adorable, cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve ever struggled with staying at your company and toughing it out or hightailing it out of there, this article helps you with that.

When do benefits from your employer cross the line into too personal?

Is the new cronut the croissant birthday cake? I think so!

I’m not into fad diets, but a lifestyle change? That’s something I could get on board with.

past panache

A few snapshots from Edinburgh.

And my favorite part of Scotland.