Weekend Whimsy Vol. 102

Beach style

Hello three-day weekend! I am absolutely thrilled to be heading to the Cape for the holiday getaway. We’ll keep it brief and just get on with it shall we?

peak // I’m out and about more at work and am absolutely loving being able to stretch my extrovert wings. For another peak, I started binge watching PLL and can not remember why I stopped.

pit // Not a one! Woohoo!

fashion files

The cutest culotte jumpsuit ever!

So obsessed with Krystal’s striped casual look.

My love affair with olive has just been heightened.

Loving delicate gold necklaces.

The striped shirt I’m going to need STAT!

links i fancy

An interesting piece on exiting a job gracefully.

12 books to add to your reading list.

The power of positive thinking and how it can change how you feel.

The non-beach read you should be reading at the beach.