Weekend Whimsy Vol. 104

joie crepe joggers

Ok so something crazy happened on Instagram yesterday. Did anyone else notice it? Because of some crazy fluke in the # ordering, the above pic got almost 900 likes!!! That’s absolutely unheard of for me and really, it’s not one of my best pics so it definitely threw me for a loop for most of the day. Anyone else get absurdly high engagement on their Insta pics?

In other news, today is my last day at Tasting Table. As I mentioned last week and in an earlier post this week, I realized it was time to move on and I’m really excited about this next opportunity which I’ll dive into more next week after we get back from a weekend with the UVMers in VT {obvi}. I’m spending the whole week next week just cleansing my brain and kicking the tires before diving head first into my new job. I seriously can’t believe I’m about to start somewhere new, again! The Hubs was realizing that I’ve worked at six different places since we’ve started dating. That’s really crazy isn’t it? Fingers crossed this next place is like BNY was for me in my 20s.

peak // staring head long into a weekend in VT and then a week off followed by a weekend on the Cape.

pit // closing the door on my TT chapter. I’m going to miss a lot of folks I’ve met there, not to mention the amazing snacks every day.

fashion files

Do I need another striped midi skirt??

Kind of obsessed with these olive chinos.

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