The Growing Popularity Of Online Prom Dress Shopping


This may complete date me and make me feel old, but do you guys remember when you started prom dress shopping? You went out, scoped some stores, maybe bought a few magazines, and that was your inspiration!

It’s completely different now with Pinterest and so many online boutiques that my head just spins! Teens these days may not even go exploring malls and shopping centers as much as they used to because of the amount of choice they get online. With affordable designer labels from all over the globe being shipped to a variety of countries, it’s no wonder online shopping holds such an appeal.

Here are some figures that may surprise you. Did you know that teens now spend around 26 hours searching for their perfect prom dress? This time is almost double the amount of time a bride spends searching for her wedding gown. A third of girls interviewed in the study admitted they spend more time looking for a dress than revising!

Many of the great websites for prom dresses online collate an array of designer labels and prom dress styles all of which suit a range of budgets. If you’re wondering where one of the top places are to spend a good bulk to those hours hunting for a dress, visit and view their collection online.

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It seems crazy to me that on average, teenage girls spend around 9 hours shopping for their prom gown. This is a considerable amount of time considering they are doing in-store browsing too.

Thanks to online stores, girls can now practically buy that one-of-a-kind dress. The dress they saw on the red carpet last week, you can bet a manufacturer has already designed for a fraction of the cost targeted at teens.

The World Wide Web provides endless possibilities so girls don’t have to chance it when buying something they like. When everyone shops at the same high-street stores, you can bet there’ll be duplicates. Before you know it, there are doubles of a prom dress and two girls’ nights are ruined.

Shopping digitally opens the prom dress store to a worldwide level so girls get plenty of choices like never before. In just one click, people can compare dresses from different sites instantly. This means money can be saved as hunting for the best deal has never been easier.

The thing about online shopping is that it’s so easy it often becomes addictive. It’s no wonder the girls in that study are spending hours browsing online because the choice never ends.

There are some downsides however of shopping online that people do need to be aware of. It’s often hard to spot fakes online until it’s too late and many unsuspecting victims have been led astray. However, with some research and time spent browsing the retailer’s reputation before making a purchase, disappointment can be prevented.

Also, there’s the element that you cannot try a prom dress on before making a purchase. Therefore, it’s good to go with a store that has a flexible return and alterations policy in place. This could make a big difference to your purchase either being the best decision you make or the worst. Looking out for measurements is another important aspect girls tend to underestimate so always double check.

So it’s clear to see the fascination and magic behind online prom dress shopping. The surge continues as more stores pop up; and if you remain savvy, you can buy the perfect gown for you in one smooth transaction.