ShopBop Sale

Gather around ladies for one of ShopBop‘s annual sales has just begun! If you’re like me, you’re kind of fed up with all of the retailers who’re starting their “Black Friday” sales at sometime on Thanksgiving. I, for one, would rather be paying attention and fully present with my family and friends than paying attention to the clock and trying to count down the minutes until a Black Friday sale begins.
So along that vein, ShopBop has launched their sale this morning. Woohoo! A full two days before Thanksgiving and plenty of time to load up on your favorites. Thankfully NYC has had such a mild Fall, except for the random snow shower that appeared yesterday, that I haven’t had to dig out my heaviest coat yet. I’m all over sweaters right now, in my typical neutrals, and while I still haven’t pulled the trigger on these, I want to every single time I look at them! Does anyone else own them and want to encourage me to invest?
Just a few of my favorites from this sale. And don’t forget, you should try and bundle your purchases with your friends so that you can get the largest percentage off as possible.
  • I’m obsessed with olive right now
  • This dress isn’t exactly winter appropriate, but with these warm temps, I’m not one to judge
  • These have been my absolute favorite pants since I got them
  • Because one can’t have too many grey sweaters
  • I love the retro feel of this sweater

Keep on shopping on!