The Craigellachie Hotel


Yesterday I mentioned that we stayed at The Craigellachie Hotel during our stay in Speyside in October. While we had dinner there back in May, we had found it so charming and it didn’t hurt that Quaich Bar is stocked with an overabundant selection {over 900 single malts}.

Both the library and Quaich have wood burning fire places, along with the lobby which make the place feel like a large manor home instead of a hotel. Also, the breakfast was amazing, the croissants some of the best I’ve ever had, and it’s fully stocked with fresh squeezed juices too.

We’ve booked another trip to Scotland at the end of April/beginning of May so that we can be in Speyside for the week after the Spirit of Speyside festival. This is the big annual one so a lot of distilleries release a lot of distillery only bottles which makes getting them that much more special.

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