Choosing The Best Diamond Cut For Her Hand


A diamond’s shape is its physical form. If the stone has an unusual shape, like a pear or even a heart, that’s probably going to be the most noticeable element. The shape may not be one of the four C’s that are used to evaluate diamonds, but it is something to consider when choosing an engagement ring.

Cut vs. Shape – What’s the Difference?

The distinction can be a little confusing. The cut of a diamond is its ability to reflect light while the shape is the appearance of the stone. Most diamond shapes are:

  • Rectangular
  • Heart-shaped
  • Round
  • Pear-shaped
  • Square
  • Marquise
  • Oval

There are reputable jewellers that offer a refined and thoughtfully curated selection of diamond engagement rings. They can guide you in making the right choice.

Different Diamond Cuts

The cut of the diamond refers to its angles and facets, its symmetry, proportions, and number, all of which affect how light reflects out of the diamond. The grade for the stone’s cut ranges from Excellent which reflects as much light as possible to Poor, which means a lot of light is lost out of the bottom or sides of the diamond.

A skilfully cut diamond from jewellers like Diamonds for Less in Toronto, will reflect as much light as it can out of the top face of the stone and therefore appear brilliant and fiery. The effect on brilliant also has a direct effect on the diamond’s value and is an important element to consider when evaluating an engagement ring.

The Most Popular Cuts

The most popular diamond shape and cut is round brilliant. There are a number of reasons for its popularity. Many rough diamonds are shaped in a way that round brilliant diamonds can be cut with the minimum amount of crystal lost. This cut, along with the second most popular cut, the princess shape, is common because it reflects light the best and will give you more brilliance for your budget.

The Shape and Cut of the Diamond Should Complement Her Hand

Besides the cut, it’s important to consider the shape when choosing a diamond engagement ring as this will affect how the ring looks on the finger. If she has shorter fingers, you want to try and make them look longer. For this, choose styles like marquise, pear or oval and walk away from wider bands that will make her fingers look even shorter.

If she has long fingers, opt for square shape diamonds and avoid delicate, slender settings and narrow shapes such as the marquise or emerald. Round and heart shapes are not flattering on thin fingers but lend themselves more to larger fingers. Be sure to try on several styles for comparison before picking an engagement ring.

Radiant, oval, marquise, cushion or round shapes work well as the primary stone in a multi-stone setting. Shapes like heart and pear work best in solitaire settings whereas trilliant shapes work brilliantly as accessory stones.

Which diamond shape do you think works best for her? Be sure to consider her lifestyle and taste too, when choosing a precious engagement ring.