Preppy Plaid


During our trip to Scotland in May I really got a hankering for a houndstooth blazer. I looked in some vintage stores, considered having one made and ducked into every boutique to check them out. I had a couple of criteria of what I was looking for; 1) must have elbow patches 2) the houndstooth had to be neutral and versatile and 3) the buttonholes had to work.

The elbow patches seemed to be an easy find. The neutral color also fairly easy. The thing that kept hanging me up though was how incredibly expensive Harris Tweed was and most of the blazers I kept looking at were in the high $300s to $400 range and I just wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on one at that price point.

This past trip to Scotland, I resumed my search especially since the Fall temps had settled in. During our stay in Speyside, I happened to be flipping through one of the magazines I had brought along and spotted this gorgeous rhodes blazer in houndstooth from JCrew. I quickly took a pic of it {how I save things in magazines that have caught my eye} and looked it up immediately. At just under $250, it was reasonably priced and came in petites which for me is key. Knowing that JCrew frequently has sales also made it the perfect one to watch out for and just wait for a sale instead of having to pay full price because I fell in love with one I could only buy in the UK. While I didn’t wait for the 40% off sale from Black Friday, I did buy it for 30% off and absolutely love it! Whenever I wear it I get so many compliments and I just adore the corduroy elbow patches.

jcrew blazer // madewell jeans // oak and fort tee // madewell boots {similar here}

rhodes-blazer-in-houndstooth-jcrew rhodes-blazer-in-houndstooth rhodes-blazer-corduroy-elbow-patches oak-and-fort-tshirt-navy houndstooth-rhodes-blazer jcrew-houndstooth-rhodes-blazer navy-oak-and-fort-1236 jcrew-blazer-rhodes-in-houndstooth jcrew-rhodes-blazer-details jcrew-rhodes-blazer-houndstooth houndstooth-blazer houndstooth-jcrew-rhodes-blazer houndstooth-blazer-rhodes-jcrew silver-and-gold-earrings houndstooth-rhodes-blazer-jcrew