Hello 2017


Happy 2017 everyone! Who else is ready to put 2016 far far behind them? While this past year wasn’t stellar, I’d like to focus on a few positives:

  • The Hubs and I went to Scotland, not once, but twice, this year and indulged in my love of history and his love of Scotch
  • We got the outside of our house painted this summer and I love the light and dark grays instead of the baby blue and white
  • We hosted our first Thanksgiving
  • We hosted our first New Year’s Eve party
  • Landing my dream job in August was definitely a plus

In 2017 there’s some resolutions/things I’d like to work on:

  • Stop saying “yes” to everything. I don’t have to make room on my plate for every new project at work, or be “available” aka triple booked for every hour of the day. And I need to instill limits to my hospitable nature, despite the Chan upbringing of bending over backwards for family and friends.
  • Stress management. I need to realize my limits earlier and learn to communicate them better.
  • Make better investments. I’d like to think I’ve been better about money management, but the truth is, I can’t keep two pennies to rub together. If I have it, I spend it and I need to get better about that. Basically, stop buying things I don’t need need.

Any resolutions from you guys?

reiss moto // zara sweater // stuart weitzman boots // chanel bag // madewell  denim

stuart-weitzman-5050-boots black-napa-5050-stuart-weitzman-boots chanel-classic-flap-bag styling-a-black-moto-jacket sweater-with-side-slits-zara-dark-khaki sweater-with-side-slits-dark-khaki-zara chanel-flap-bag dark-khaki-zara-sweater-with-side-slits