Shear{ling} Bliss

coach black shearling moto jacket

There’s a google doc that I’m constantly adding to of things that have caught my eye. Some serves as inspiration of something I’m searching for and some are links to products when I’ve finally found the one. This moto is the one. A coworker once said to me that her fiance was now the third thing she loved most in the world, behind her Stuart Weitzman 5050s. While I’m not ready to go that far yet, this jacket is pretty fan-freaking-tastic.

Let’s rewind for a second shall we? A while ago I stumbled across this and was instantly drawn in. I’d wanted a shearling coat for ages, but could never pull the trigger because they’re so darned expensive. Additionally, I got my Canada Goose last year so did I really need another warm coat? With that in mind, I kept my eye out for the right one and a good deal.

Then I was working on a new business pitch at work and another coworker had this gorgeous Coach shearling coat. I fell in love but it was from last year. Luckily for me though, they did a very similar one this year and the cut actually works out better on me. Last year’s was a little longer, boxier and overall more oversized than works on my short frame. With this one unzipped, I still get it a little slouchy, but the shorter length flatters me much more.

While I may have bean boots on in this shoot, after recent news connecting L.L. Bean and Donald Trump, I may have to retire my beloved winter boots. Is anyone else having this dilemma with either L.L. Bean or another retailer?

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  • I remember the longer version and I LOVE this length on you! I’ve also loved the shearling jackets but definitely can’t make big purchases for a while. You look amazing in it! I hear you on L.L.Bean. It’s tough and really tricky. There’s no right or wrong answer in my opinion. I also like to think about the rest of the employees a ban would impact besides for the a-hole ceo…