Grab Em While They’re Hot


I will readily admit that I am an opportunistic shopper. My name really should have been Sale. Buying something full price really hurts me. Even this bag, while it was “full price” was bought knowing that full price in dollars was way way more than full price in pounds and I’d be getting VAT tax back.

A google doc keeps a running list of my favorite things that I have my eye on or that I’m hunting for. I also utilize sites’ favorites or save option if they have one. That’s one of my favorite things about ShopBop. Not only can I favorite specific items so that they’re in a nice consolidate tab, but I can also favorite specific designers. With my designer list, I can search for things on sale or newly released items by them alone. It’s wonderful!

That’s how I tackle my incessant need to always shop. At least I’m getting a good price right? And that’s how I ended up with four pairs of shoes being check out the other night. Insomnia isn’t only dragging me down, but it’s also dragging my wallet down!

Things I’ve recently purchased:

  • I’ve been eyeing these booties since the Fall and almost pulled the trigger on them for Scotland, but waited for some inexplicable reason. They’ll look amazing with white denim.
  • Having been on the hunt for flat, suede and tan boots, I was so glad these went on sale. They look so comfy and will pair great with dresses once the weather warms up some.
  • Not sure how I wanted to get on the cold-shoulder train, this sweater made a great compromise.
  • I was told that my wide-legged cropped jeans would look best with mules. I’ve been resistant to them for a few reasons, but decided to try these out anyway.
  • A great pant for my height is hard to come by. I love the dropped hem and tux stripe of these, not to mention the great print.
  • Always on the look out for a pair of jeans I don’t hem, I ordered these cropped skinnies and am keeping my fingers crossed.
  • How good are these going to look with white skinnies tucked into them?
  • It’s not warm out yet and I can’t live without my leather skinnies.

  • I also can’t resist a good sale and really hate buying things full price. I’m still laughing over scrolling through instagram to discover you bought 4 pairs of Splendid shoes lol. A girl after my own heart! ;)