A Winter To Remember

Let me tell you, getting the flu is no joke! That sucker had me on my ass for at least 10 days and I’m still waking up feeling less than ideal. It felt very reminiscent of when I was younger and I used to get the flu on my birthday every year. Bleh! Not exactly how I wanted to spend my halfway to 70 birthday.

But onto more positive things! I took a quick trip to Boston last Wednesday, just in time for the crazy snow dump. I was on the 36th floor in the financial district and snow was blowing up!! We were so socked in that we couldn’t even see the harbor which was crazy town!

Thankfully I didn’t get stuck up there as I had a dinner party on Saturday to celebrate my 35th. It felt very adulting with tons of cheese, entrees and our fancy wedding dishes. Wish we could do dinner parties more often, but being out in the burbs realize it’s a little more challenging to get to our house than when we lived in midtown. The flip side of that is that our apartment could easily fit into our dining room/kitchen and that our dining table is probably larger than our old bed.

No matter what the age on my license says, I’m never going to be too old to go frolic in the snow.

derek lam sweater // j brand denim // frye boots