Four Eyes

Just when I want to give my eyes a break from 24/7 contacts I seem to have lost my glasses. I know I had them on my whirlwind trip to Boston during the snowstorm, but I think they must’ve fallen out of my bag on my way home. I really loved my Tom Ford frames, but considering that I don’t really wear them that often, the price tag is daunting.

In steps the Hubs with his recommendation that I try out Warby Parker. I couldn’t tell you why I felt skeptical, but I was. That is until we stopped by their location on the UES yesterday. I must’ve tried on at least a dozen different pairs and there were only a couple that I immediately put down. The Hubs thinks I have a face for glasses, but I think it’s just that the selection was so immense! Not to mention that I could get frames and lenses for $95 which is unreal!

I ordered my frames today, I landed on the Nash in Whiskey Tortoise and can’t wait to get them. Maybe next up are a pair of sunnies!