Weekend Vibes

Saturday was my first real day off since Feb 19th. It’s been a crazy time at work, but I’ve loved every minute. Since then, I’ve been to UMass to speak at Women of Isenberg ’17, went to Boston for a pitch and then back to NYC for another pitch and finally to Chicago for yet another pitch. Good thing I love it right?

So after being on the road for a bit, I really needed to unwind in unrestrictive clothing. Out came my favorite leggings which I’ve been remiss in posting and some new finds from Kohls. I’m particularly loving the madden NYC collection they’ve got going on. It’s junior’s sizing so make sure to check the product measurements.

This is what my weekend uniform is usually. Leggings…. sneaks…. and loose layers on top with day old curls. Not as glamorous as you’d think.

kohls bomber {under $30!! Since this in jrs sizing, I’m in a L} // kohls tee {50% off} // girlfriend leggings {I’m in a M} // kohls  sneaks {love these and these too}